My first introduction to Donovan van de Langenberg was in 2007  on a construction project in Claremont Cape Town whilst he was working for LJ le Roux Industries in the capacity as a project manager.  This specific project was immensely challenging from both a technical, operational, budget and program perspective. All the odds were against LJ Le Roux Industries for the successful delivery on this project.  Donovan however, true to his character, took up the challenge and delivered on all expectations. A foundation for a solid relationship was formed there and then. We have since then completed numerous projects successfully together and hopefully many more to come.  Donovan is one of the team members that one can always count on, he takes pride in his work and his commitment is unquestionable. I have also had the privilege to engage with Donovan on a personal level while on a hunting trip in the Kalahari, and can honestly say that he is a very well balanced, caring family man. I wish him all the best with the challenge that he has set himself, and have no doubt that he will give it nothing but his utmost best.

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