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Turning #MyDaringAdventure to the Dakar 2020 Rally into a memorable achievement.

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This is My Story

Early life, long happy days and wonderful childhood memories determined my racing path without me even knowing it. My brother Bjorn and I grew up next to the race track watching our dad who raced dirt bikes and race cars.

It was in our blood.

I have the fondest memories of supporting the Dakar Rally with my father and brother, I remember going with them to the finish of the Paris to Cape Town Dakar in 1992 and my dad saying that if he could do one race in the world, it would be the Dakar.

About Donovan van de Langenberg

That was the start of it for us; it became the highlight of our year every year, following the riders, watching the race, picking favourites. Imagining the adventure of The Dakar became all consuming. As youngsters we never had the opportunity to race a bike for real with the big boys but we spent every waking moment chasing each other around in the fields and making our own races, competing against one another in our own made up events. Those memories stayed with me all through my teenage years, and so after 6 years of travelling after school I was able to return to South Africa and buy my first motorcycle, the KTM 640, the winning bike back then by KTM at the Dakar. I wanted a piece of the adventure, taking it on cross country trips with friends, sleeping in the bush, camping out, and riding.

So much riding. The adventures had started. The 640 was later upgraded to a KTM 690, and the adventures just continued to grow. As I progressed in my riding I realised that I was naturally quicker than a lot of the other guys, that it wasn’t just a pipe dream-I actually had a great talent for it. And so it was then that I decided to test my metal on the competitive circuit. I wanted to give the rallies a try, as it paired the adrenalin of racing with the complexity of navigation, the perfect catalyst for adventure. In 2013 the Amageza Rally sparked my interest and hunger for competition.

Headstrong and with minimal experience I entered my first official navigational challenge. The rally started on a low as I missed an exit out of the river bed on stage 1 and hit a fence wire with my neck and crashed heavily, but that wasn’t going to stop me. With a broken bike and very badly injured, I picked myself up and pushed on, and still managed to cross the finish line for a finishers medal after 3 days. In 2014, I raced the local off-road series in preparation for the next Amageza rally.

This time I wasn’t going down so easily. Better prepared and a whole lot fitter, I returned to the 2014 Amageza with high hopes, but bad luck and a 500km 3rd stage saw me fracture my tibia and tear my knee ligaments. Determined to finish, I raced on and managed to complete the 5 days with a surprise third place in the Malle Moto class. I then started to be more competitive in the 2015 off-road series with a top 15 finish in the open class. With more experience in the art of navigation (and some luck) I went on to finish 2nd in the Malle Moto Category in the 2015, 7 day Amageza Rally.

The 2016 West Coast Baja was next on the list and after flawless navigation and good speed I managed to ride myself onto the podium into 2nd place over 3 days. With a very late entry onto the 2016 Amageza Rally, which hosted the Dakar Challenge, the game was on to realise my dream to pilot the Dakar Rally. It was suddenly within my reach. With 2 stage wins and a solid navigational performance, I rode myself onto the podium after 6 days- 1st in Malle Moto, 4th overall, but narrowly losing out to Willem du Toit for the Dakar challenge. That near miss cemented my dream even more, and now here I am, I realized my fream of competing in the world toughest rally. The next step in my journey is to prepare for The Dakar 2020.

He is an awesome father and a great husband. The love of my life!! If anyone can do this thing “Malle Moto” it is Donovan. He is determined to fulfill his dream with all of us behind him. I have full faith in him to pull this off as he is not a quitter and can think… Read more “The Love of My Life!”

Janice Van de Langenberg

Donovan – your courage is inspiring. Best of luck on your adventure. If you can dream it, you can do it!

Johanna van de Langenberg

Having spent many days riding/racing with Donovan, one can only be inspired by him. He is a Fearless, Daring, Bold, Confident, Adventurous, courageous…..a man with Balls! I cannot wait to see him on the starting line of the 2018 Dakar and to be there in Spirit the day when he will cross that finish line!… Read more “My Amageza Malle Moto Brother!”

Gerrit du Toit
Brother from another mother (Friends!)

Donny must be the toughest guy out I have ever met, Vasbyt is his second name.

Edward Vermeulen

Tough as nails. Always at the end. What makes Donavan stand out to me is his ability to make a plan and adapt to the challenge. His bike broke down 1 morning on the start line in Khang Botswana, Amegeza 2015. Donavan striped the whole bike found problem and finished the night. Long before a… Read more “Tough as Nails”

Rudie Van Der Merwe (Amageza Finisher 2014 - 2016)
Raced with Donovan for 3 Amageza Rally’s

Having raced with Donovan over the past few years I have been fortunate to witness him overcome many challenges. From a wire strung across a riverbed in 2013 that nearly took his head off to racing through the night in 2015 when in Botswana, many riders got lost after an unclear section on the road… Read more “A rider every South African could be proud of”

Joey Evans
Dakar Finisher 2017 & Friend

To compete and complete the Dakar is not just a physical challenge but also a mental challenge. I would say it is 40% physical and 60% mental. Donovan’s attitude is right towards this giant challenge and I’m confident to write the newsflash now that Donovan will fulfill his dream. My advice (which worked for me)… Read more “Donovan will fulfill his dream”

Kobus Potgieter
Friend & Dakar Finisher 2016

First met Donovan at the Amageza in 2015, it was my first rally, I was having a tough time around day 4/5 and when I met him he was all smiles and happiness, then my team mates told me he was running “Malle Moto” and I had a new-found respect for a guy that could… Read more “Commits to Everything He Does”

Aidan Bennetts
Riding Buddy

I experience the driven will of Donovan to compete and to make a success of every challenge he may face. Work hard – Play hard and Never say Never all the way to the end!

Wynand du Plessis
Colleague & friend

Donovan completed each stage of all 5 races with no medical injuries or mechanical failures. He balances speed and navigation, while managing his machine successfully. I have no doubt that Donovan will overcome every challenge, complete any and every race, and be a great ambassador for the sport.

Alexander Nel
Amageza Director

My first introduction to Donovan van de Langenberg was in 2007  on a construction project in Claremont Cape Town whilst he was working for LJ le Roux Industries in the capacity as a project manager.  This specific project was immensely challenging from both a technical, operational, budget and program perspective. All the odds were against… Read more “His Commitment is Unquestionable”

Albertyn Smit
Business Owner & Friend

We’ve shared loads of adventures together and most of those were on two wheels chasing dust clouds. Most passionate and determined guy I know.

Zarin Delport
Good Friend



2013 Amageza Safari

Class: Rallye Open - Malle Moto
Distance: 2300km
Result: Finisher


2014 Amageza Rallye

Class: Rallye Open - Malle Moto
Distance: 2500km
Result: 3rd Malle Moto (17th Overall)


2015 Amageza Rallye

Class: Rallye Open - Malle Moto
Distance: 4900km
Result: 2nd Malle Moto (17th Overall)


2016 West Coast Baja

Class: Rallye Open - Malle Moto
Distance: 567km
Result: 2nd Open-Rally


2016 Amageza Rallye

Class: Rallye Open - Malle Moto
Distance: 2500km
Result: 1st Malle Moto (4th Overall)


2018 Dakar Rally

Class: Malle Moto
Distance: 8299km
Result: Finisher


My goal was to compete Malle Moto in the motorcycle category in 2018.
Because of your support, I overcame all obstacles in my way and rode onto the podium at the finish line after completing the world’s toughest rally race in one piece and realized my ultimate dream and mission. Now it's time to take on the challenge again in 2020.