My Take on the Malle Moto Class

It’s widely acknowledged amongst the ladies and men in the rallying community (a community already familiar with risking their lives and pushing the limits of themselves and their machines) that to take part in the Dakar you need to be a little mad.  – maybe wired a little differently.

Yet amongst these already brave and crazy Dakar riders, is a group of motorcyclists that just have to take it that one step further– not just doing The Dakar, but doing it Malle Moto. In the Malle Moto class, a Dakar rider faces all the same trials and tribulations, highs and lows, losses and triumphs– but he faces them completely on his own.

There is no help. From anyone.

No assistance, no professional support crew, no backup team, and no extras. It’s just you, your bike, your smarts, and one metal box with your essential spare gear. Race officials transport these boxes to each bivouac ahead of the rider so that they can then work on their bikes after they’ve completed each days racing stage. But that’s kind of it.

Imagine it! Being out there, in the harshest elements, on your bike for anything from 10 to 14 hours(if you’re lucky) before finishing that days stage, catching your breath for a split second, getting something substantial to eat after that gruelling day with minimal nutrition to keep you going, prepping your road book for the next days stage, setting up your tent and essentials to be able to get a decent rest, and THEN going to work fixing the days damages on your bike so that everything is prepped and ready and in working order for the next days early start. With an average of perhaps 5 hours sleep a night, for 14 days straight…

That is Malle Moto. And I want it.

And so, with your assistance, I will embrace the toughest challenge at the world’s toughest rally- push myself beyond my natural limits- and take on the 2018 Dakar Malle Moto-style. Thanks to your support, I was able to achieve that fream. Now I start my preperations to take on the challenge again in 2020.

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