Donovan At The 2018 Dakar

Donovan van de Langenberg

I am a just a regular Joe with a Kickass dream!

Only a handful of South Africans have ever attempted the Dakar and I joined this elite few in 2018. Now it’s time to get ready for 2021.

Help me complete my mission, and who knows – you and I may just get to the podium at the finish line.

Donovan And Son - Teaching Rally

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

No man is an island, no one has ever achieved something remarkable by themselves and I am a firm believer in this.
I need you on my team; together we can conquer the world’s toughest adventure.

Dakar 2018 Malle Moto


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After having completed  Malle Moto in the motorcycle category in 2018, My goal is to do the same in 2021
This will be a battle against long distances and navigational challenges without any support or back-up crew.

Overcoming all obstacles in my way and riding onto the podium at the finish line after completing the world’s toughest rally race in one piece is my ultimate dream and mission.

Donovan Van De Langenberg Dakar Rally

Registered and ready to go!


We thank you for your interest in Dakar and for your application to the 2020 edition. As every year, we proceeded to the selections among the numerous files received.

After studying your application and motivations, we are pleased to confirm your registration to the Dakar 2020 – “Chapter 3” in Saudi Arabia!

We remind you that your final participation will be confirmed only after approving the technical and administrative scrutineering. This step validated, we will be happy to have you with us to meet this challenge.”

The Dakar Rally. The History. The Glory.

Donovan ready for Dakar 2020

The Daring Adventure started back in 1992, when the Dakar route saw itself finish on the Southern African shores. Donovan van de Langenberg fondly remembers how he and his father watched the end of this iconic (and arguably, toughest) motoring race in the world.

Donovan van de Langenberg in SA

Make a Malle Moto Dream – a Reality.

The Dakar is more than just a race, it’s a test of the limits of the human spirit. Showing that anything is possible if you work hard and put your mind to it.

Donovan van de Langenberg in SA

What is Malle Moto?

When you take away the mechanics, all the support vehicles, preparation times, precision tools, proper sleep and a comfortable bed…

You get…
The Dakar Rally – Malle Moto Class.

Why the Malle Moto Class?

As a “Malle Moto” entrant I will have no such luxuries, and will have to face all challenges, obstacles, physical/mental/technical burdens, each and every day, completely by myself.

And I believe I am ready to do just that.

What is Still Needed?

I am a just a regular Joe with a kickass dream, the funds to get to the Dakar are probably the biggest hurdle…..

“But I am committed to succeed!” – Donovan

Countdown to the 2021 Dakar Rally








Invest in a South African Dakar Rider

I want the rallying community and the larger community of Dakar enthusiasts in South Africa, to get involved with my journey towards reaching Dakar.
I want them to feel like they’re on this ride with me and I’m offering many ways that people can get involved!

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Final Touches For Dakar 2017
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